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Free Resources

The Phonics International programme consists of 12 progressive 'units'.

Unit 1 of the programme is completely FREE

Click HERE

Within Unit 1 you will find 70+ amazing free resources including:

An Overview and Guidance Booklet

Links to FREE versions of our Alphabetic Code Charts

All resources for the letter/sound correspondences of Unit 1

Class Tracking Registers

Audio (Hear the Sounds) files

plus much, much more!

Order of Introduction of the Letter/s - Sound Correspondences
in Phonics International

PI Order for Planning or Tracking (Plain)

Index for Members (Full Colour)

Index for Members (Plain)


'In a Nutshell...' a brief overview of the Phonics International Alphabetic Code
and Teaching Principles

Model of the three phonics core skills and their sub-skills

The Potential of Alphabetic Code Charts and the
Two-Pronged Approach to Synthetic Phonics Teaching: Systematic and Incidental

Guidance for Phonics Routines

Poster for Teaching Incidental Phonics for Reading

Poster for supporting spelling in the wider curriculum

Three Posters for Phonics Routines - Reading, Spelling, Handwriting

The 'Simple View of Reading Model' and 'The Simple View of Writing Model'
(for training, pupil profiles, planning and monitoring)

Debbie Hepplewhite's Two-Stage Teaching Model illustrates how
phonics teaching fits with the wider curriculum (compatible with
the Simple View of Reading Model).

Debbie Hepplewhite's suggestions for effective
and supportive phonics provision and practice
(may be useful as an audit or check list)

Reflecting on the 'Teaching and Learning Cycle'

Suggestions for the implementation of Phonics International
in whole classes when the programme is new to a school - for teachers
of learners who are not beginners

Debbie's 'Pronunciation Guide for English' does not include all the sounds in speech - but it gives a flavour of the complexities faced by people learning to read in the English language - and why teachers need to be very knowledgeable regarding how best to teach the alphabetic code and the phonics skills:
Debbie's Pronunciation Guide for English (Click)


Article: Phonics for fun, for life-chances and for life!

Debbie's response to questions raised at the Westminster Education Forum Seminar: 'Testing and assessment in primary schools' - 'The way forward for the Year One Phonics Screening Checks'

A Simple Explanation of the Roles of Phonics
and Language Comprehension for Reading and Spelling

'The Great Debate - is it time to ditch the Year One Screening Test'?
('Teach Primary' April 2013) - Hepplewhite v Reedy

Debbie's response to specific issues raised by David Reedy (United Kingdom Literacy Association) re the Year One Screening Check

Useful high frequency and tricky words MINI POSTERS (PDF)

Here are a selection of posters (A4 size) for your main phonics reading, spelling and writing DISPLAY WALL. These are taken from a specific strand of over 200 systematic WORD BANK posters already provided throughout the 12 units of the Phonics International programme entitled MINI POSTERS. Whilst this selection of over 40 posters is offered freely, please consider the value for money and the level of support offered by access to the full systematic Phonics International programme! These posters can be used with any synthetic phonics programme. Note that the Phonics International programme can be used to supplement or complement any synthetic phonics programme.

High frequency and tricky words SPELLING POSTERS (PDF)

Here are 15 posters (A4 size) focusing on the spelling of a selection of high frequency (common) words. These posters are newly designed (May 2012) and they are additional to the existing Phonics International programme’s bank of resources. The font on these posters is the new ‘Debbie Hepplewhite’s print font’. Of course these posters can be used with any synthetic phonics programme.

More Tricky Words' Posters (PDF)

See the full range of Alphabetic Code Charts adapted for
North American Accents - click HERE

USA version of alternative Alphabetic Code Frieze Posters (PDF)

Canadian version of alternative Alphabetic Code Frieze Posters (PDF)

Full range of Alphabetic Code Charts available from Debbie's website

Lesson Plan and Evaluation Proforma (PDF)

Range of free Assessments

Flashcards of Alphabet Letter Shapes in Different Fonts
with suggestions for use (PDF)

Suggestions for Teaching Joined Handwriting (PDF)

See Debbie's handwriting site for guidance,
free resources (print and joined) and free alphabet posters- Click HERE

Debbie's Phonics Teaching Tips (PDF)

Video of Debbie's Top Teaching Tips (Oxford University Press)

The Spanish Alphabetic Code Chart
This is interesting to compare with the English Alphabetic Code

An English Alphabetic Code Chart including
detailed information about synthetic phonics
(ideal for student teachers)

See our massive range of free Alphabetic Code Charts
for teachers and learners - click HERE

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