Andy Robson: PI on a School Bus in Mumbai, India

Follow heartwarming descriptions of school-based projects in Africa and India where we are exploring the use of the Phonics International programme - particularly the Early Years Starter Package and the 'Series of 8 eBooks' in paper format - alongside a central 'giant' Alphabetic Code Chart. Where there is no internet and very few resources, how can children still get a first class education in reading, spelling and handwriting instruction? The 'Series of 8 eBooks' are purpose-designed as both teaching and learning 'pick-up-and-go' books - shared equally between teachers and learners.
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Andy Robson: PI on a School Bus in Mumbai, India

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Fantastic to hear from Andy Robson again.

You can read about provision for some children in Mumbai - and associated charities - here: ... .php?t=149
Hi Debbie,

Hope you are well

Just to let you know that I am out in Mumbai at the moment with my charity, Street Life, training the teachers at the Vision Rescue Project. Thought I would share some photos of one of the teachers who is starting to teach phonics in one of the slum areas using your resources.

I am working with her and another teacher to develop their phonics teachings and help them get more out of the Phonics International resources. It is amazing to see the children grasping the sounds and starting to read words.

The school that has been set up has just started back after a holiday so I will be will be visiting them next week to see how the phonics teaching is going. I will take some pictures and keep you updated on this.

All the best,

Andy has sent me some photos and it is high time that we reinstated a 'gallery' page to our Phonics International website. Please don't hesitate to send us photos, video footage, descriptions of progress - I'm urging David to set up a facility for these things (I don't have the technological skills - just the phonics expertise!!!!) :roll:
Debbie Hepplewhite
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