Free learning clinic in South Africa

Follow heartwarming descriptions of school-based projects in Africa and India where we are exploring the use of the Phonics International programme - particularly the Early Years Starter Package and the 'Series of 8 eBooks' in paper format - alongside a central 'giant' Alphabetic Code Chart. Where there is no internet and very few resources, how can children still get a first class education in reading, spelling and handwriting instruction? The 'Series of 8 eBooks' are purpose-designed as both teaching and learning 'pick-up-and-go' books - shared equally between teachers and learners.
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Free learning clinic in South Africa

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Here is part of a lovely message that was sent to me 'out of the blue' when David and I announced the launch of a new website:
Good morning,

I am a specialist English teacher in a very rural part of South Africa called Hluhluwe (Northern KZN).

I have been following you and your newsletters for quite some time now.

As a specialist in my field (have written a text book which is currently being used in schools, both in South Africa and Namibia), I was horrified at the very, very low standard being applied to learning to read, write and spell. Basic phonics is rushed and fundamental ground work is not solidly cemented.

Furthermore, most of my children were/are taking English as a second language, their first language being iSiZulu, and they have no additional support with language other than at school. Therefore, I started a free learning clinic where parents/teachers could send children who needed more specialist / in-depth help.

I must confess that I downloaded and reproduced your charts and resources (the free ones) and used them extensively in these classes. I cannot tell you how my children began to flourish. Even the most unresponsive child seemed to blossom. The children just "got it".

I was so thrilled when you decided to offer your full course on the internet. I was always so jealous of those who could attend in person.

I wish you every success with your new intervention venture, and hope to hear from you soonest.
How wonderful to hear that our free resources have aleady done some good and now this wonderful lady is going on to do the Phonics Training Online course to expand on her work and knowledge about my approach. Of course she will then be able to access the entire range of resources of the Phonics International programme and the Early Years Starter Package provided free of charge for those registered on the course.

Here is the course:

I really look forward to hearing about further developments in this free clinic!

By the way, our new site lists tutors who have completed Phonics Training Online and wish to include their names as available tutors:
Debbie Hepplewhite
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