Wide-scale adoption of No Nonsense Phonics & PI

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Wide-scale adoption of No Nonsense Phonics & PI

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Thank you to literacy consultant, Carl Pattison, for writing this post in immediate response to the DfE announcement (30th March 2021) of the U-turn regarding an official revision of 'Letters and Sounds' (DfES, 2007).

Minister of School Standards in England, Nick Gibb, and the DfE had previously commissioned literacy specialists to revise 'Letters and Sounds'. A group of people with different roles and responsibilities then strongly questioned this position and persuaded Nick Gibb to change the direction of travel.

Letters and Sounds 'partner schools' (in the English Hubs initiative) will now have a two-year window to transition to a fully-equipped systematic synthetic phonics programme that has been 'validated' by the Department for Education.

Carl writes about his liaison with me to learn about my work and in particular to widely promote the No Nonsense Phonics Skills series and the Phonics International programme:

https://cpeducationhelp.wixsite.com/sit ... and-sounds
Debbie Hepplewhite
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