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England: Ofsted Blog, information & myth busting

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:14 am
by debbie
I thought this would be an interesting and potentially helpful link to provide.

Ofsted is going to some lengths to provide up-to-date information and myth busting. Too often schools have introduced policies and practices in their schools on the basis of 'What Ofsted want to see' and much of this has been based on Chinese Whispers (that is, distorted information) - but in any event, a school's driving force should be the welfare and education of their pupils.

In theory, this should be one and the same as 'What Ofsted want to see' but sometimes Ofsted's own policies and practices have arguably not always been ideal, fit-for-purpose, or realistically doable in an ordinary school.

So, it is really good to see this blog provided by Ofsted: