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About the Programme

  • 'In a nutshell'

This 2 page leaflet provides 
the briefest explanation of:

 - Synthetic Phonics Teaching
 - The English Alphabetic Code
 - The Systematic Steps
 - The Sounds Book Activity Sheets
 - Basic Phonics Lesson Format
  • 'At-a-Glance Pictorial Overview'

This 5 page leaflet will give you 
an idea of the main resources 

The full PI programme
includes the Early Years Starter 
Package resources.
  • 'The rationale and structure of
the Phonics International online
synthetic phonics programme'

This 4 page leaflet explains 
some of the thinking behind 
the programme including the 
Early Years Starter Package.
  • 'Choices for Basic Phonics Lessons'

This 3 page leaflet describes the 
structure of basic systematic
synthetic phonics lessons
(old learning, new learning, practise
the 3 core skills, extend to 
sentences or texts) and how the
PI resources can be used flexibly.
  • 'Overview and Guidance'

This booklet (34 pages) provides
very detailed information about
the complexities of the
English Alphabetic Code and the
Synthetic Phonics Teaching 
Principles. [Please note: further
resources have been added to 
the PI programme since the 
publication of this booklet.]
  • See PI's listing in the 
'Match Funding' catalogue

'Demonstrating the power of synthetic phonics teaching with the
Phonics International
Early Years Starter Package'
(Includes a demonstration of the 'phonics routines' for the core skills of 'blending' for reading and 'oral segmenting' for spelling)
'Teaching Synthetic Phonics using
Phonics International - Part 1'
(Introducing the Alphabetic Code Charts
and the overview of the main resources and organisation of the programme)
'Teaching Synthetic Phonics using
Phonics International - Part 2'
(Includes how to use the core
'Sounds Book Activity Sheet')


  • How to buy the Phonics International Programme
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